Information about the calendars

These calendar maps are calculated using the correct calculations of the position and the sun and the moon. When the tithis are calculated, one must know the position of the sun and the moon at the time of sunrise. The time of sunrise is taken as the time when the sun is first seen at the horizon. The position of the moon is taken as the topocentric position, where the position is adjusted according to the parallax of the moon. If this correction is not made, there can be a difference of up to one degree of arc, which means that the fields of these maps could be different up to 2 time zones. There are other calendar services on the internet which present differences in their dates, but this is often due to the fact that those calculations use a geocentric position of the moon, which is different from what is actually observed as the topocentric position.

However, the maps that we are using don't seem to be completely perfect, but they are the best we can find at the moment.

On our enquiry pages, you can write the name of the location you're wondering about. The purpose of the enquiry pages is to be able to clarify the dates for those locations that are near borders between two fields. If you're not logged in, your enquiry won't be visible until an administrator has accepted the enquiry.

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